• Supervision and NDT of welds on force mains
    Rouen - Normandie
  • IRIS inspection of heat exchangers
    Le Havre - Normandie
  • Audit-Qualification of testing technicians on a pipeline
    Saint Justin - Landes
  • TOFD and Phased Array inspection of Propane and LPG spheres
    Gabes -Tunisie
  • Supervision and NDT of welds on force mains
    Assosa - Ethiopie

Your partner for the most advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions
and expert investigation of your facilities

ITCS offers an extensive range of Non-Destructive Testing services which are based on both conventional (visual inspection, penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing and ultrasonic testing) and advanced methods (ACFM, TOFD or phased array ultrasonic testing, Eddy Current testing, remote field testing, IRIS, pulsed Eddy Current testing to assess corrosion under heat insulation or fireproofing).

ITCS teams can work all over the world and are able to meet your testing, monitoring and expert investigation needs for your facilities and systems in the petrochemical, thermal, gas or chemicals industries.

With COFREND certifications in several NDT methods, our staff is authorised to perform operations in demanding industrial environments, sites with chemical risks and to do rope access operations and other work at height.
In addition, as a subsidiary of Cetim (the Technical Centre for Mechanical Industries), ITCS can leverage on assistance from Cetim’s experts and rely on the most advanced technological R&D results for NDT.

When you call on ITCS, you can be sure that our experts :
– are COFREND certified, level 2 or level 3,
– are assisted by rope access technicians if necessary,
– have experience in complex operations associated with plant shutdowns, and hold the required authorisations (electrical work, chemical risk, contained environment, asbestos and work at height),
– have cutting-edge equipment (Eddify© PACE, Olympus© Omniscan MX2 and TOFD/PA probes, Eddify© Ectane 2, Olympus© MS 5800, Eddify© Lyft, etc.)

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